Why people buy from the milkman

Doorstep deliveries by your local milkman have been a British tradition for many years but the benefits are still huge for the majority of the population.

Young families – With our ever increasing workloads and busy schedules, the last thing we want to worry about is whether or not our children will have fresh milk for breakfast

Teenagers – The extra calcium supplied in fresh milk helps those developing bones

Couples– A quick glass of milk is far more refreshing and nutritious when returning from your daily exercise routine.

Mature folk– Why go to the trouble of jumping in the car to go to the shop just to pick up a bottle of milk. If you cannot get out of the house then you can get your fresh milk and much much more delivered to your door 3 days a week by our friendly milkmen.

A lot of people believe that buying from the milkman is expensive and therefore prefer to visit the supermarket or corner shop. In actual fact fresh milk and virtually all other products you buy from a Moo Fresh milkman can actually work out cheaper than buying from your local store because it will save you all the hassle, a lot of time and the cost of the fuel you incur by going to the shop to make your purchase. Not to mention all those little extras that somehow appear in your shopping trolley when you visit the shop to buy JUST MILK – who hasn’t popped to the shop to get a pint of milk and spent £20.00 on items you probably would not have bought?

Having your milk delivered also eliminates the need to rush out in the morning before breakfast because you don’t have enough milk for your cereal or morning cuppa.

Supporting a small local business by having your essential milk & groceries delivered to your doorstep each morning is convenient, cost effective and very reliable.

The traditional milkman also plays a significant role in the local community. Many elderly people rely on their daily contact with their milkmen, who also provides early morning security for many neighbourhoods. If we were to lose the daily milk round we would be losing part of Britain’s heritage and a valuable service to the community. Sutton Coldfield Dairies are reviving the great British doorstep delivery service and providing the people of the towns of  Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Coleshill, Aldridge, Brownhills and surrounding areas with an unrivalled delivery service by a local company for local people.

We guarantee that all of our milk is purchased from local farms in the region, so by signing up to a daily doorstep delivery with Moo Fresh Ltd you are not only supporting the local milkmen, you are also supporting local dairy farmers at a time when the UK dairy industry is very much under threat.

The great thing about having milk delivered fresh to your door by Moo Fresh Ltd is that if you buy it by the pint it will be delivered in glass bottles, which not only make the milk taste better but are also REUSED, up to 40 times, which is much more eco friendly.