The Modern Milkman

Growing up in the 70’s it was common place for most people to have their milk delivered every morning or, at least, most mornings by the milk man. During the later years they would often deliver other items – such as cream,  bread, orange juice etc. These services seemed to lose their popularity once the large supermarkets took over our lives with their 24 hour opening and ‘buy all in one place’ marketing which effectively killed off the British high street and caused the demise of the Great British milkman.I was recently made aware, however of Moo Fresh .

Moo Fresh are a local company, started in 2010 by Mr. Phil Mitchell who wanted to give consumers the choice of returning to the good old days of the British milkman, whilst moving the service forward to cope with advances in online technology and modern day ordering. They really are the online persona of the great British institution that is the milkman. Customers can place orders via the easy to use website whilst still experiencing the personal level of service that is unique to the milkman.

But they don’t just deliver Milk – Customers can choose from over 250 daily essentials from breakfast cereals and fruit & veg through to cleaning products and pet food.  They can also choose from more than 30 different types of milk including organic, Channel Island milk, flavoured and low fat milks.

Once signed up, there is no minimum spend as with other delivery services and customers are able to place milk orders up to 9pm the night before their next scheduled early morning delivery. This late order option coupled with no delivery charges saves customers the inconvenience of popping to their local shop for milk for their early morning cuppa or breakfast.

6 ways Moo Fresh can make your life easier:

  • FREE delivery so you can top up whenever it’s convenient
  • Order milk online up to 9pm the night before your next delivery and find your milk waiting on your step when you get up
  • No minimum order
  • Over 250 daily essentials to choose from, delivered bright and early
  • Local, reliable delivery staff
  • No need to book a delivery slot

We recently gave Moo Fresh a couple of tries and were absolutely delighted with the service received. We were a little concerned about security, given the amount of items we had ordered, and did not think they would be safe on the doorstep. But you can actually specify a certain place for your delivery to be left – our milkman placed them out of sight and they were there waiting for us the next morning.

The first order we placed at 10.00am in the morning, because we ordered various items so gave them plenty of notice but the second time we decided to challenge their “order milk up to 9pm and receive the next morning” claim. We actually completed our order at 8.45pm and I was absolutely stunned when I opened the front door at 3.00am to find 3 extra pints waiting for me!!

It really is great to see a small business fighting back against the large supermarkets…

Good on you Moo Fresh, keep up the good work

Mandy & Dan Gallego, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield