The Dairy Process

Milk processing

Our main supplier Cotteswold Dairy processes on average 190,000 litres of Channel Island Milk, Ordinary Milk and Organic Milk each day.

The milk is all collected from local Dairy Farms using Cotteswold Dairy’s own tankers.

Before the milk is accepted by the Dairy it is tested by the on site laboratory for quality and correct specifications.

After the milk has passed the laboratory testing it is unloaded into storage silos ready for processing. During processing the milk is pasteurised to improve its keeping quality and product safety, and separated to produce cream and low fat milks. These are then packed into various packages, glass bottles, cartons, poly bottles and pergals.

The packaged milk and cream is kept in a refrigerated cold store below 6 degrees centigrade until it is distributed to our depot in Birmingham by refrigerated vehicles.

The processing and packaging machines are automatically cleaned and sterilised after production runs.

Throughout the milk process the laboratory constantly monitors the milk to ensure only high standards are kept.

The British Farmers

Cotteswold Dairy currently contract around 40 local farmers to supply them with raw milk.

We are proud to be working closely with them in order to ensure a constant supply of consistently high quality raw milk and because they are all within a 30 mile radius of their site, they are able to reduce the time the milk spends travelling which means higher quality product for our customers.

All of their contracted farmers are members of the National Dairy Farm Assured Scheme and as such, they must comply with a large number of standards in order to ensure that their herd is properly nourished and cared for in a comfortable environment with sufficient space for free movement.  If you would like more information about the scheme, you can visit

The incoming raw milk is tested daily in Cotteswold Dairy’s own in-house laboratory and is also tested by an independent laboratory once a week.