Keep it local

Moo Fresh believe it is very important for consumers to support small businesses and keep alive the traditional services that have supplied our country for generations. This year we launched our  ‘Keep Milk Local’ campaign. This aims to secure the future of small independent milk delivery businesses across the country and safeguard the jobs of local milkmen and women by offering choice and competition that people expect in the market place.

Milkmen are an increasing rarity on our streets, during the early mornings these days and although our recent survey shows that the majority of people are still in favour of getting milk delivered to their door, most people have got in to the habit of just buying it with their weekly shopping.

For the past 20 years small independent dairies have been closing at a rapid rate in the UK as well as the larger multi national dairies closing depots every year. This has played right into the hands of the supermarket chains who now believe they can hold the farmers to ransom.

For the last four years Moo Fresh have been trying to encourage residents and businesses in the area to help the local community by buying from their local dairy rather than one of the large conglomerates who take money away from the town.

If you would like to find out more about our business or would like to help “Keep milk local” please give us a call.

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