Glass v Plastic

Why Use Glass Bottles Instead of Plastic?

The big advantage to using glass milk bottles instead of plastic or carton containers is the fact that the bottles can be reused almost instantaneously. At Moo Fresh we ask that those people using them operate a ‘rinse and return policy’.

Rinse and return is exactly what it sounds like; once you have finished with your milk bottles you rinse them out and leave them for the milkman to collect when he next delivers your milk.

The bottles are then returned to the dairy where they are sterilised in hot water, refilled, recapped and made ready for delivery again.

This process is much faster than having to throw old plastic or carton containers into your recycling and then waiting for it to be collected.

Once your recycling has been taken away it has to be sorted and then shipped off to recycling plants that deal with plastic, carton, paper and card board etc. This in itself can be a very time consuming process and also one which has an effect on the environment if you consider how much fuel is used transporting the materials and how much energy is used recycling them.

milk by planter

The Green Choice

We live in a throw away society where much of our household waste consists of plastic, cardboard and paper. So much of this material needs to be recycled and there are financial considerations as well as environmental considerations to think of when we fill our bins before collection day.

Why Not Glass?

Many companies no longer use glass containers simply because of the expense. It has become much cheaper and much more production orientated to produce cartons, containers and other receptacles from plastic that glass has fallen by the way side as a more expensive option.

In days gone by the number of items that were sold in glass containers were many but as time has passed and the emphasis has shifted towards space while shipping, the environment and – as always – money – the number of glass items has substantially dropped.

Do You Remember Glass Milk Bottles?

If you are over the age of 25 then you probably remember having your milk delivered to your door in pint glass bottles. Many people remember this with a sentimental fondness, the clink of the bottles and the washing and leaving out of the empties for collection the next morning. Sadly however many dairies have now gone out of business and those that still exist find it difficult to compete with larger supermarket chains and in order to do so have to use plastic containers or cartons as a means of keeping costs down.

Moo Fresh still supply milk in re-useable, eco friendly glass milk bottles at very competitive prices  so do your bit for the environment and place an order today.

Reusable Glass Bottles Help Conserve Local Landfill

Did you realise that by purchasing your milk, in Moo Fresh reusable glass bottles, that you are doing your part in helping to preserve the local area?

We worked it out and you will be amazed by the facts. Moo Fresh deliver about 5,000 gallons of milk every week in the Birmingham area. When this number is multiplied by 52 weeks in a year, we discovered that comes to 260,000 gallons of milk each year. That’s 520,000 4 pint plastic milk bottles that are not sent for recycling or even dumped into our area’s landfill every year!