Milk in glass bottles

Glass v plastic…..The big advantage to using glass milk bottles instead of plastic or carton containers is the fact that the bottles can be reused almost instantaneously.

Glass bottles are simply rinsed and left out for your milkman to collect. The bottles are then returned to the dairy where they are sterilised in hot water, refilled, recapped and made ready for delivery again. This process is much faster than having to throw old plastic or carton containers into your recycling and then waiting for them to be collected.

Once your recycling has been taken away it has to be sorted and then shipped off to recycling plants that deal with plastic, carton, paper and card board etc. This in itself can be a very time consuming process and also one which has an effect on the environment if you consider how much fuel is used transporting the materials and how much energy is used recycling them.

Why Not Glass?…..Moo Fresh still supply milk in re-useable, eco friendly glass milk bottles so if you don’t already have your milk delivered in glass please do your bit for the environment and consider switching your order to glass bottles today.