Customer comments about our milk delivery service

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Customer Reviews
“We’ve been having Moo Fresh deliver to us for a while now and it’s occurred to us that people are eager to complain, but not so eager to congratulate.
So this is to congratulate Phil Mitchell and his team on great, regular service delivered in all weathers.  We have our Semi Skimmed delivered in real glass bottles, not horrible polluting plastic monstrosities that don’t fit in the fridge.  We also have butter in our order, not cheap tasteless butter but good quality at reasonable prices.
Keep doing what you’re doing Phil it’s working and providing a great service to those of us that are more mature… Certainly those on Western Close in Ashby de la Zouch.”
Steve & Beth Bilton, Ashby De La Zouch
“Hi  We love our Moo fresh milk and it is worth every penny. Far better than the watery supermarket apology in plastic containers.
May you continue to keep delivering to my door.” Glynn Davies, Chapel St, Oakthorpe

“I have recently set up delivery of fresh milk & orange juice through Phil Mitchell of Moofresh.

The whole process took a couple of minutes to set up an account online, decide what to have delivered & when, and place the order.

I really like being able to amend the order the night before online up until 10:30pm, and being able to make bank payments online means you don’t have to worry about waiting in to pay the milkman.

I used to have supermarket bought longlife milk, and didn’t realise how poor the quality & taste were, until I had fresh milk delivered – now I wouldn’t change back!!

I would thoroughly recommend Moofresh to you, both for residential & business custom – support your local milkman today – go local, go fresh, go Moofresh.”

Best regards, Paul Mabbett, Westwood Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“Very good service. Nice not to have to get in the car and drive to local shops and then cannot park. Easy internet payment. Glad not to have to buy milk at the supermarket .Time is money”….Katie Trow, Attlboro Lane, Water Orton

“The milk and eggs are far fresher than anything you can buy from the supermarket, plus the glass bottles keep the plastic recycling waste down. The milk tastes much better and stays much fresher in the glass bottles and the eggs taste like they have just been laid that day”…Joanne Kilroy, Clifton Rd, Castle Bromwich

“Fresh milk in glass bottles at your front door in the morning is a delight. It’s such an easy system-you can order more or less up until 11pm the night before delivery as well as plan weeks in advance when going on holiday. It’s such a responsive, efficient system to use and pay online. I was surprised by the reduction of recycling waste-glass bottles sorted at your doorstep is much easier than boxes of plastic milk bottles blowing down the road once a fortnight. It’s good to know I’m supporting local business and farmers and maintaining a great British tradition…Maria Reynolds, Eachlehurst Rd, Walmley

“Moofresh are reliable, friendly and fair priced. We have a set number of deliveries every week and they never let us down. Phil in particular is always available if we need any assistance-how often do you speak to the owner of the supermarket if you need to? Can’t praise them enough….The Angel Services Group, Wrens Court, Sutton Coldfield

“This is a wonderful service. It takes me back to my childhood, finding milk bottles outside. My little boy loves to check how many bottles we have had delivered and helps to bring it in. It’s great to know how the bottles are reused and then recycled and also that Moofresh help the Cancer Support Centre”….Alison Fau, Four Oaks Common Rd, Four Oaks

“It is such a relief to know that whatever the weather I don’t need to worry if I will have enough milk. It is also good to know that if I need some day-day provisions MOOFRESH will deliver. My husband and I are in our 80’s and it is surprising how it is the little things that create anxiety. By having doorstep deliveries it relieves us of one of life’s problems”….Mrs Hilary Ash, Carnoustie Close, Sutton Coldfield

“Having milk delivered by a local, independent company means that if we need to alter our requirements, we pick up the phone and speak to a person. The alternative is the car-petrol or walk- not an option in our case, then wait in the queue. We also find we do not require as much milk in our tea/coffee, which must denote a better product and the by-product of all this is JOBS, thank you”...Mr Fisher, Birmingham Rd, Aldridge

“The service is so reliable and best of all the milk is on my doorstep well before I leave for work. It also feels good diverting money away from the big supermarket chains in order to benefit the dairy farmers and local jobs. Keep up the great work”….David Bowen, Silvermead Rd, Boldmere

“In an effort to get greener I decided to ditch the car and get the train. However, milk’s heavy!! Ever tried carrying litres of milk and delicate eggs on a packed train? Enter the milkman, never met him but makes life sooooo much easier, great service. Maybe slightly more expensive but it means I don’t have to make a special car journey to the supermarket. Thank you”…Jo Pritchford, Addenbrooke Drive, Boldmere

“I wish more people would have their milk delivered! It’s such a lovely feeling to wake up to fresh milk in a glass bottle (that can be reused) on your doorstep. It’s a British tradition that my friends really admire”..Jill Pargeter, Stonehouse Rd, Boldmere

“I enjoy having my milk delivered 3 times a week, early in the morning and in good old fashioned glass bottles”…Mrs Humphrys, Holly Hill Rd, Shenstone

“Deliveries are reliable and arrive very early in the morning in time for breakfast or coffee, which means milk is not left out until you return from work or days out. The milk quality is excellent with good taste and texture and a good layer of cream on the whole milk for that 1st cup of coffee of the day, if you haven’t already used it on your cornflakes. It is in a reusable glass bottle and always has at least 5 days use by date. Good choice of payment options and it’s easy to change your order at the last minute and make holiday cancellations. Why would I want supermarket milk from doubtful sources and bland homogenised taste “….Ken Bratton, Pages Close, Sutton Coldfield

“Excellent, reliable service-milk always delivered early”….J Harrison, Footherley Rd, Shenstone

“It is very convenient to have the milk delivered. It is always early. It is easy to cancel or change the order and the staff are always pleasant and helpful. Payment by direct debit is hassle free”…Mrs Bradbury, Main St, Stonnall

“Great flexibility to be able to change your order online. No hassle,always there on time too. Milk tastes lovely and fresh. Thank you cows!!(And Phil too)…Tim Fidler, Riland Grove, Sutton Coldfield

“A great service. They have never let us down, even when the weather was bad”… Mr & Mrs Brookes, Lauderdale Close, Clayhanger

“Fundamentally we wanted to change our lifestyle, support local businesses and by doing so avoid the huge supermarkets. Unfortunately we have had to tighten our belts like most households but we are not prepared to compromise on having our milk delivered”….Rowan Greaves, Harman Rd, Wylde Green

“I love my milk freshly delivered as I never have to make a mad dash to the shops to grab some milk and I never run out now. The service I receive is great too”….Zoe Reed, Orton Avenue, Walmley

“Very impressed with your great delivery service of milk through all weathers, especially during last winter. I have never heard the milkman once, he must be very early. 10 out of 10 to Moofresh”…Mrs Cowley, Inglewood Drive, Streetly

“I never have to run out to the shop because I have forgotten to pick up the milk. When my milk was on the step longer than usual it alerted my neighbours that something was amiss, I’m very happy to say. The milk is very fresh and when I go away the milk is waiting for me the day I get back”…..Mrs Kerr, North Drive, Sutton Coldfield

“Excellent service. We are able to change or amend our order easily by ringing the dairy and leaving a message up until 11pm. If we go away there is never a problem in amending our order. We pay by direct debit, which really suits us as you don’t need cash available to pay the milkman. Very satisfied with the service”…Laura & Andy Barwood, Richard Cooper Rd, Shenstone

“Having fresh milk delivered is convenient and provides us with quality products brought to our doorstep. It also supports local people earning an honest living. It brings back memories of the good old times when fresh food was fresh and not processed. It is also a good service to have if you can’t get out”…Joanne Hollis, Ridgewood Drive, Sutton Coldfield

“Would recommend this regular, helpful service. I am very pleased that I have been having this home delivery service for several years and would recommend it to other potential customers because it is very reliable and such a help to enable me not to worry about shopping too often to buy the daily essentials like milk, bread, eggs and potatoes, especially if anyone has walking difficulties or other health problems or live alone. There is a great range of goods that can be delivered and one is able to judge the cost before ordering. I think it is an excellent service”….Mrs Rachael Russell, Dower Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“It is fresher than buying supermarket milk for the whole week. My children are much more cooperative in drinking the milk from glass bottles”……Yang Owen, Western Rd, Boldmere

“For years my wife and I have purchased our milk from the supermarket, much like everyone we know. As we both like to support local businesses I was delighted when you knocked my door informing us that you were delivering in our area. Service has been great so far! Long may it continue”…Myles Gillan, Tyburn Rd, Erdington

“Absolutely 100% reliable. I was worried that the milk wouldn’t be delivered before I left for work but my milk is always on the doorstep before 6.30am. We pay our bill using internet banking and have had no problems whatsoever doing this. I am so glad I decided to have my milk delivered”….Judith Herriotts, Whetstone Lane, Aldridge

“I changed to SC Dairies because I was tired of having my milk delivered at any time other than early morning. Now it is always waiting for me when I get up. I like the idea of paying by direct debit because I cannot get into arrears because I am not in to pay the milkman. It is convenient to change your order, especially if you have to do it at the last minute-i.e. unexpected guests. It is very reliable and I have never been let down”….Ruth Maughan, Heathcroft Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“We are very pleased with Moofresh. Communication is effective with Phil and online ordering is extremely easy. Now we are using glass bottles we are safe in the knowledge they are more environmentally friendly”… Nancy Solomon, Glendon Rd, Erdington

“I am in my 80’s and find a regular milk delivery a great help as it would be difficult to get to the shops or a nuisance having to ask my neighbours to bring it for me”….Mrs Whiting, Little Sutton Lane, Sutton Coldfield

I would like to say how much I enjoy opening my front door on the morning my milk is delivered. Moofresh provide an excellent service which is efficient. I think it is important to support our local businesses and I recommend Moofresh to everyone”….Mary Evans, Trinity Rd, Four Oaks

” In the winter it is bliss to open the door at 5.00am and find fresh milk for your cup of tea and in the summer before the hot sun rise takes the chill off the milk plus of course all the other commodities that Moofresh deliver”...Mrs Brewer, Tower Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“As customers of the dairy we value the reliable and consistent service. It is a value added service and we accept that it costs a little more but in a way it has enabled us to become more efficient, because we are no longer timing our grocery shop with the need for fresh milk. It is also nice to know that Moofresh can supply other groceries, including fresh produce, which means we can take this into account when planning the supermarket runs. In summary we value the convenience of doorstep delivery, which comes at a time to suit us”….Kevin & April Boyd, Bishops Way, Sutton Coldfield

“Great service, thank you”…E Sheard, Berkswell Rd, Erdington

“Milk deliveries are very helpful when you don’t have transport. I have leg problems so appreciate the very helpful and efficient manner of your dairy and the regularity of your deliveries at the height of the winter.” a happy customer, Woodleigh Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“We have the milk delivered because we are now aged people who find difficulty in going to the local shop. We also always have fresh milk for breakfast.”… Barbara Bennet, Lynham Gardens, Sutton Coldfield

“I am very pleased with the delivery service and have had no problems at all. My son came to visit me from Ireland and was amazed that I could still get my milk delivered”…..Moira Cummins, Paget Rd, Pype Hayes

“A great service from Moofresh. Whatever the weather my milk is always there! Even being awkward and ordering goats’ milk. We always try to buy locally & supporting your local milkman is a great way to do this”….Coco Cruise, Wylde Green Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“I have been very pleased with the service I have had from Moofresh. The range of goods on offer to customers will be an absolute life saver to those customers who for one reason or another are unable to visit the shops. Coming from a farming background I am also very much on the side of the farmer and am concerned that with all the price cutting of milk by the supermarkets that the farmer will once again be the loser”….Mrs Swarbrick, Donovan Drive, Sutton Coldfield

“Moofresh provide a reliable and value for money service. Having milk delivered to your door is a convenient way of ensuring you never run out of the everyday essentials”…Mrs Katie Lees, Casern View, Sutton Coldfield

“Very reliable delivery. No heavy bottles to carry home from the supermarket. Glass bottles are reusable so environmentally friendly”…Gill Cope, Rectory Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“1. Glass bottles can be reused time and again. 2. Moofresh are always reliable with their deliveries. 3. it’s great to keep a British tradition alive. 4. More friendly and simpler than internet shopping”…..Mr & Mrs Tipton, West View Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“Good to see a local company providing a much needed service”……Donna Cooper, Hillcrest Rd, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield

“Excellent service”…… M. Corden, Mayfield Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“Nice early delivery, your service is very helpful”…..Mrs Endecott, Sandy Croft, Sutton Coldfield

“A good reliable milk delivery”……Mrs Webley, Britwell Rd, Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield

“Professional & reliable service. Copes well with our occasional cancellations of milk for a week when we have built up a surplus or gone away. Very easy to pay online”...Mrs Johnson, Mulroy Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“Excellent Service”…..Mike Hoskison, Tamworth Rd, Sutton Coldfield highly_recommended

“We nearly gave up on having milk delivered because the previous dairy seemed to be so random with their deliveries. We are enjoying fresh, cold milk very early in the morning. We can change our order if we want without a fuss and we pay by direct debit which is brilliant because we don’t have to remember to write out cheques. It’s something else we haven’t got to carry back from the supermarket and the glass bottles are more eco-friendly. So all in all a good choice in my opinion”….Mr Burton, Meadow Rd, Aldridge

“Reliable service, nice early delivery”…...Mrs Hollyoak, Longmeadow Close, Sutton Coldfield

“Ensures goods are delivered very early to ensure they can be taken in before the weather affects their quality. Always advises us of other products available”…..Mrs Cooper, Hollyfield Crescent, Sutton Coldfield

“Excellent delivery service. Daily is very helpful and delivery time between 5am and 7am is ideal. These two factors are why we left Milk & More – Your service is far superior”………..Mrs Celia Burns, Station Rd, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield

“Superb Service!”…...Mr Roger Davis, Cottysmore Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“Takes time to talk to customers, very friendly on the phone. I appreciate getting a bill so I know how much to pay”…….Julie Pettitt, Foley Rd West, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield

“It’s a godsend to people like me who are old and do not drive. It’s good to know that I always have milk and it saves asking people to get it for me”…Mrs Shirley Stokes, Elwyn Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“I like having milk delivered to my door as I believe it saves me money-it means i don’t have to go to the supermarket as often so don’t end up buying other things even if I went in for just milk. I also like knowing that the farmers get a better price for their milk. I like the fact that glass bottles are reused and recycled. The delivery is always there early so it doesn’t have to sit on the step while I’m at work, which used to be a problem when I used to have a different dairy deliver some years ago”….Lesley Troughton, Brookfield Close, Aldridge

“Very friendly milkman – Glad to have these products delivered as and when requested, the quality is excellent”….Sue Howes, Stanley Avenue, Sutton Coldfield

“Moofresh does its best to provide a customer friendly service and provide fresh, locally produced produce”…….Mary Tench, Frederick Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“Good service and very quiet delivery”…..Nikki Gilbert, Highbridge Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“Good to collect fresh milk from my doorstep early in the morning, come rain or shine. i feel we must support our dairy farmers. Nice to know we can rely on the delivery”….Mary Millward, Old Oak Close, Aldridge

“Great service, the way milk deliveries used to be”……Mrs. K. Whitehouse, Highbridge Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“Excellent, we couldn’t ask for a better service”……Mrs. Herbert, Browns Drive, Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield

“I prefer to have my milk delivered by my local milkman (Moofresh). It is very convenient. It means that I do not have to go out specifically to buy milk. Also if the weather is bad it’s really useful.There’s nothing quite like having milk in glass bottles, for one thing you have that lovely layer of cream on top of the milk, which you do not get with milk in plastic bottles. If you require extra milk you can order online until 11pm. You can pay direct to SC Dairies online, which is convenient. You might pay slightly more than supermarket prices but you don’t have to carry it home and it is really fresh with Moofresh. Your milk is delivered early in the morning, well before you get up so it is cold and fresh”….Mrs Jacquline Bishop, Manor Rd, Streetly

“Next year we have been married for 60 years, so in 1955 we fixed ourselves up with a milkman. It stayed that way until 2012 when the price of milk went up so we decided to buy from the supermarkets. That situation only lasted a few weeks. We soon missed our milk being on the doorstep early in the morning whatever the weather! We feel that although it costs a bit more it is worth every penny”….Mrs Ashmore, Hillside Rd, Four Oaks

“The service we receive is second to none and we can always rely on your deliveries, unlike some other milkmen we have had in the past. Thanks once again”…Julie Stevens, Lichfield Rd, Four Oaks

“Fantastic service”……Zoe Reed, West View Court, Sutton Coldfield

“We are happy to get our milk from Moofresh because they provide a reliable and efficient service. They combine old fashioned standards with modern technology. You can speak to a person on the phone and order and pay online. I think it is important to support a local company”…Mrs Jane Low, New Rd, Shenstone

“It’s comforting to know that on certain days of the week beautiful fresh milk will be delivered to my front door! Equally i feel that it’s important for all of us to consider how we might support our local businesses. There may well be a price difference but if we do not use these amenities, we will very quickly lose them”….Rose Powers, Sherifoot Lane, Four Oaks

“Reliable delivery, even in bad weather”….Mrs Barnett, Elms Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“Although the prices may be higher than the supermarket, I appreciate having my milk delivered early in the morning. I also think it is very useful to be given the choice of various other items which can be brought to one’s door as and when required”… Miss Baker, Sutton Oak Rd, Streetly

“Reliable, convenient service of good quality products on your doorstep in all weathers. Less heavy shopping, especially when getting older. Always having fresh, nice tasting milk and dairy products in your fridge. Pleasant and helpful service when ordering. No worries that you will be without basic food needs”….MP Boland, Mottrams Close, Sutton Coldfield

“Fresh milk! For me the nice thing is that the milk comes in beautiful glass bottles which makes me feel nostalgic and reminds me of my childhood. Fresh milk tastes so much better out of glass bottles”…..Louise Passet, Highbridge Rd, Boldmere

“Really good & reliable independant milkman”……..Bev Davenport, Playtime Nursery, Sutton Coldfield

“I highly recommend the milk delivery service run by Moofresh. They are extremely reliable and it’s great to get up in the morning and your milk is waiting for you. We never run out of milk anymore. They respond to queries super quick and you can control your account online so you can change your next delivery until 11pm the day before. The best thing though is that the milk in glass bottles tastes so much better than the supermarket plastic bottled stuff. You should try it! It’s worth paying a little extra for better quality and excellent service”….Maxine Chambers, Lincoln Croft, Shenstone

“Having my milk delivered ensures I have always got fresh milk for my kids’ cereals and my cup of tea! Easy to use online service where I can update my order quickly. Keeping the tradition of the milkman going keeps jobs and helps the farmers”….Samantha Tough, Rowallan Rd, Sutton Coldfield

I find it very convenient to know my milk is going to be on my doorstep whatever the weather. It’s well worth the extra cost and being able to pay by direct debit is great as well. It is very useful being able to buy other items as well especially because I am housebound”… Mrs Cobbald, Hillside Rd, Four Oaks

“Great reliable service. Milk is always delivered early”… John Reynolds, Russell Bank Rd, Four Oaks

“This is the first time we have had fresh milk delivered to our door and I have to say I am impressed with the service. SC Dairies not only supply our milk but also eggs, cheese, yoghurts, soft drinks, bread, fruit juice and much more. I would thoroughly recommend that they are given a try as we are loving our fresh produce delivery on a regular basis now. There are simple payment options too. Well done Moofresh”…..DJ Manton, Blandford Avenue, Castle Bromwich

“Excellent service and website. Regularly kept informed by email”…Phil Onions, Cartersfield Lane, Stonnall

“Thank you for the wonderful service, especially last winter during that awful snow. You have never been late and my milk is always on my doorstep.”…Mrs Hackett, Lichfield Rd, Four Oaks

“I feel that maintaining doorstep deliveries is very important and provides a good opportunity for those who cannot get out to buy milk and other products. The service is great and the quality excellent. Prices are reasonable and there are many ways to settle your account”…Phill Robinson, Plank Lane, Water Orton

“I have been using Moofresh for a number of months now and have been very pleased with the service I have received. Our delivery has never been missed and is always correct. Payment by direct debit makes things simple and being able to change my order via the internet at short notice is a real bonus. Whilst supermarket milk is cheaper, the quality in taste of milk from Moofresh is far superior. There is also the opportunity to have numerous other products delivered to the door if required”…Chris Waple, Knights Hill, Aldridge

“The milk is always fresh, delicious and delivered early in the morning, perfect for that first cup of tea before work. The service is convenient and the website is easy to us, allowing changes to be made to my order quickly”….Laura Perks, Clarendon Rd, Four Oaks

“Great service, great milk, great people”…Trevor Johnson, Streetly Drive, Four Oaks

“We find it very convenient to have fresh milk delivered to our doorstep ready for breakfast. We pay online via paypal. We can contact the dairy late the night before by text or email to change the order or increase the amount of milk. With a new baby due in 4 weeks it will be really convenient to order some of the other products from the vast list of groceries to be delivered with the milk. These are delivered free, whereas the supermarkets will charge for grocery deliveries. We are very happy with the service provided and envisage using it more in the year to come”...Mrs Tassell, Shire Oaks Close, Shire Oaks

“Prompt service and always delivered on time. Lovely and fresh and a brilliant way of having fresh milk when you have two growing boys, who love it!”….Andrea Cooney, Monsdale Close, Clayhanger

“Deliveries nice and early in the morning and very reliable”…Jean Skedgell, North Drive, Sutton Coldfield

“Always reliable, always fresh, easy ordering and paying. Thank you”…Christine Burman, Woodlands Avenue, Water Orton

“I like home delivery of milk because I like the idea of keeping a tradition up and employing individual enterprises”…Colin Beech, Ringwood avenue, Aldridge

“The milk is always delivered early, ready for breakfast and this fresh milk has proven healthier for my toddler whopreviously had an allergy to cow’s milk but now drinks milk from SC Dairies with no problems. Supermarket milk is not of the same consistency and still can cause some gastric problems for my toddler. Thoroughly recommend SC Dairies milk”…Nicola Small, Lingmoor Grove, Aldridge

“Very good reliable service. Milk is always really fresh and delivered early in the morning, without fail”… C Anslow, Riland Grove, Sutton Coldfield

“Good to find fresh milk on the doorstep early in the morning. I’m only able to shop at supermarkets with the help of friends or relatives. It’s good to be independent and nice to know that Moofresh will deliver groceries as well as fresh milk if I ever need them”…Betty Morris, Walmley Ash Rd

“Excellent service, delivered promptly before 7.00am. The milk is much better quality than supermarket milk and you do not have to go out in the cold, wind or snow to get milk to enable you to have a nice cup of tea”….Mrs Vincent, Brockhurst rd, Sutton Coldfield

“It’s great knowing we have fresh milk waiting on our doorstep when we get up. It’s very useful being able to access the website and change/add orders whenever needed. Thank you”….Mrs Gaffney, Cremorne Rd, Four Oaks

“MOOFRESH delivers delicious fresh milk from the Cotswolds right to your door in time for breakfast. You pay in any way you choose and alter your order to suit yourself”. Mrs Waller, Wyrley Rd, Sutton Coldfield

Excellent service”….Maxine Chambers, Lincoln Croft, Shenstone

“I’m so pleased I decided to have our milk delivered. Even more pleased I chose Moofresh. Whatever the weather they give a good, reliable service with a top quality product”…Mrs Wagstaff, Clarence Rd, Four Oaks

“I was delighted when I was informed that Moofresh were going to be delivering in my area because at 93 I was finding buying milk was making my shopping bags too heavy and if I was unable to go to the shops I was having to ask a neighbour to get milk for me. The service has been excellent and the milk is very good quality”… Mrs Pattison, Kensington Drive, Four Oaks

“We have been having our milk delivered for many years in Sutton Coldfield and it has always been a reliable service. It is a pleasure to wake up to fresh milk and orange juice. I would strongly recommend supporting your local milkman”. Tori Stafford, Midgley Drive, Four Oaks

” It’s really convenient to order extra milk the night before or cancel milk if we are going away. Milk is always delivered before I get up so I can put it in the fridge before work and milk in glass bottles tastes much nicer”…Jola Forys, Thorney Rd, Streetly

“Fantastic service by Moofresh. Milk has never been late and always tastes great. Billing is so easy and so is the ability to change your order online. Excellent service from an excellent milkman. Keep it up!”….Kelly Templeton, Beechcroft Crescent, Streetly

“Always reliable, having been confined to the house recently, so grateful for the regular delivery. Do thank our milkman because he comes really early and I never see or hear him. Paying by direct debit is great because I never have to worry if I owe you anything”….Mrs Hateley, Inglewood Crescent, Streetly

“We are delighted with the service you provide and the milk tastes better than the supermarket’s stock!”…Ray Ching, Mellor Drive, Sutton Coldfield

“The milk tastes so much fresher. We will certainly recommend you”…….Amanda Gallego, Harvestfields Way, Sutton Coldfield

“Thank you for the delivery service as I am slightly disabled. I am happy to say Phil is very helpful when I pay for my milk. He is a good person”…….Mrs Black, Jerrard Drive, Sutton Coldfield

“Excellent, we are very happy with the service”…….Allison Bramwell, Wylde Green Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“Excellent service. Delivery is very early and collection of payment is the same time each week, very convenient”……Mrs Barbrook, St Andrews Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“A good professional service”…..Gill White, Beresford Drive, Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield

“Excellent service”……...Mrs Harrington, Tamworth Rd, Sutton Coldfield

“We have only been using your service for a few months and value the service already. Phil the milkman is very prompt at replying to our text messages when we alter our order”……Maria, Buckingham Mews, Sutton Coldfield

“We find the website very easy to use for altering requirements. Overall happy with the service and pleased to recycle bottles and support local business”…Mrs Mason, Knighton Close, Four Oaks

“I like to support British milk producers and it’s convenient having it delivered to your door”….Mary Bath, Eachlehurst Rd, Walmley

“We should be doing more to help farmers in general and support local produce. It’s fresher and healthier and I feel I’m doing something for the community. There’s nothing like having a fresh bottle of milk on your doorstep”….Jan Harding, Warrington Drive,, New Oscott

“I find it much easier to have my milk delivered than getting it from the supermarket. It’s taste is more like milk should taste and you don’t have heavy milk to carry. The milk is always there when I get up in the morning, thank you milkman”….Mrs Dicks, Brookfield Rd, Aldridge

“May cost a penny or two more but it’s delivered fresh to your door”…Jackie Dauncey, Quincy Drive, Erdington

“I am a disabled pensioner and have had my milk delivered since Sept 1956 when I got married. I say to old and young “yes it’s dearer than the supermarkets but if you or the children are ill or the weather is bad the milkman will be happy to leave necessary foods” To the young I also point out that one day you too will be old and may be disabled. The milkman helps to keep your independence. Yes family, friends and neighbours are willing to help but let’s face it there are limits and we’re talking of maybe years. Your milko helps relieve some of the pressure. Think hard because we need this old fashioned service to be kept alive to help all of us”….Val McMurray, Avalon Close, Erdington

“Reliability is the key for me, milk always on doorstep for breakfast, it’s never late, very easy to make last minute changes to order”…..Jane Burton, Clarence Rd, Four Oaks

“Thank you for delivering my milk”…Valerie Cooper, Smiths Wood