Could your milkman help solve ocean pollution crisis?

Campaigners say a return to the tradition of doorstep delivery of milk in glass bottles would benefit the environment.

With the UK’s recycling rate slowing down for the first time in five years, some think the time could be right for a return to the 70s – when it comes to our daily pint at least.

Back then almost 95% of the UK had its milk delivered to the doorstep in glass milk bottles. By 2012 that had dropped to less than 4%.

But the increase in use of plastic materials for packaging is ever increasing. It’s estimated the UK currently buys over 750 million plastic bottles every year.

Dustin Benton, policy director for the Green Alliance, says: “If you reuse glass bottles then the carbon footprint of that is about 60% less than if you use plastic. So there is an obvious carbon benefit and the other thing is that glass bottles, particularly when they’re reused don’t really cause a litter problem, and plastic litter getting into the oceans is one of the world’s big environmental problems.”