New delivery area: Meriden

Moo Fresh Ltd will be delivering in Meriden from Monday 2nd July. To place an order for fresh milk in returnable glass bottles please register on the website today, All new customers welcome

Job vacancy-Social Media & Marketing

Job Description

As part of our ongoing marketing campaign, a new and exciting opportunity has arisen within our company for a self-driven, inventive individual with insights in to social media and digital marketing to work with us to build and promote the Moo Fresh brand and products.


  • Manage & update our social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc..)
  • Create and manage social media ad campaigns.
  • Present the professional face of Moo Fresh to the commercial marketplace.
  • Increase engagement through social media interaction
  • Maintain and execute a content plan for our website and social media portals
  • Research relevant content to reach our ideal customers.
  • Implement a proactive process for capturing customer online reviews.

Skills Required:

  • Previous experience in Social Media, Digital Marketing and Marketing
  • Knowledge and experience of Photo Shop
  • A good understanding of SEO
  • Good knowledge of website analytics tools
  • Ability to report on Social Media performance
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • A passion for social media
  • Knowledge of setting up and optimising Google Adwords campaigns
  • Ability to manage organic search campaigns
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing
  • Good spoken & written communication skills
  • Ability to think creatively

The role is office based in Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield, initially part-time, 3-4 days a week (5 hours per day) 9.30am – 2.30pm on a 3 month temporary contract, which will be reviewed at the end of this period and may extend to a permanent full time position

Job Types: Part-time, Temporary

Salary: £12.00 /hour

apply by sending your cv to

Birmingham City Centre milk deliveries

Do you have an office in the city of Birmingham? Would you like to arrange for a delivery of fresh milk 3 days a week? Would you like the convenience of being able to alter your order up until 10pm the night before? If you would then please register today and support your local dairy. We deliver to over 500 commercial customers in Birmingham and they can relax, safe in the knowledge that their milk will be waiting for them outside their office door when they arrive for work.

Office milk deliveries in Birmingham City|Harborne|Edgbaston|Moseley|Kings Heath|Birmingham Business Park| Elmdon| Marston Green| Coleshill| Hams Hall| Erdington| Sutton Coldfield| Aldridge| Shenstone| Brownhills| Great Barr as well as all surrounding districts

Why get a milk delivery

Benefits of getting milk delivered

Acquisition of Beacon Dairy Ltd

Moo Fresh Ltd are pleased to announce the acquisition of Beacon Dairy Ltd.

Further to the decision made by Mr Dean Smith to sell his milk business to us, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all customers in the Great Barr, Pheasey, Park Farm and Kingstanding areas to Moo Fresh Ltd.

We aim to ensure that the transition to Moo Fresh is as trouble free as possible. We are pleased to inform all customers that Jason, Dean’s brother will be transferring to our employment so he will be carrying on with the deliveries to you.

Milk and goods delivered to you up until Friday 13th October 2017 should be paid directly to Dean. Please note that any deliveries made on Saturday 14th October by Beacon Dairy Ltd will be carried forward to the following week. We shall be delighted to deliver to you after that date and customers shouldn’t notice any change to their deliveries, apart from maybe the delivery days. We will endeavour to ensure that the prices we charge are kept as low as possible, although there may be a slight increase due to the current volatility within the dairy market, which has resulted in the milk processors having to pay more and more for their milk to ensure a continual supply from their farmers.

For future payments after 13th Oct 2017; if you currently pay by cheque, please make these payable to Moo Fresh. Payments on this round can still be collected at the door every fortnight or every month by Jason but if you prefer we do offer alternative payment methods. You can call the office on 0121 448 0269 and pay over the phone by debit or credit card, if you register on the website you can pay online (you will get a statement every Saturday by email), you can pay by monthly direct debit, you can leave cash or cheques out with your empties or you can pay by bank transfer using your URN number as a reference, this can be found on your milk bill.

For Bacs payments our bank details are as follows;

Bank Name: Santander| Account Name: Moo Fresh|Sort Code: 09-01-28|Account number: 20076697

If you need to alter your order you can leave a message on our answerphone 24 hours a day. Orders can be changed on the website, by phone or email up until 9pm the evening before your next delivery.

We would like to wish Dean all the best for the future and once again welcome you to Moo Fresh Ltd.

Large Fresh Free Range Leicestershire Eggs

It’s not just milk you can get from your Moo Fresh milkman but lots of other quality products, like Sunrise free range Leicestershire eggs. Why not add these locally sourced eggs to your order today?

Could your milkman help solve ocean pollution crisis?

Campaigners say a return to the tradition of doorstep delivery of milk in glass bottles would benefit the environment.

With the UK’s recycling rate slowing down for the first time in five years, some think the time could be right for a return to the 70s – when it comes to our daily pint at least.

Back then almost 95% of the UK had its milk delivered to the doorstep in glass milk bottles. By 2012 that had dropped to less than 4%.

But the increase in use of plastic materials for packaging is ever increasing. It’s estimated the UK currently buys over 750 million plastic bottles every year.

Dustin Benton, policy director for the Green Alliance, says: “If you reuse glass bottles then the carbon footprint of that is about 60% less than if you use plastic. So there is an obvious carbon benefit and the other thing is that glass bottles, particularly when they’re reused don’t really cause a litter problem, and plastic litter getting into the oceans is one of the world’s big environmental problems.”


Making the perfect frothy coffee

How to Achieve the Perfect Frothy coffee.

What are the best types of milk to froth? (Make cappuccinos)

• Non-fat or skimmed milk provides the largest foam bubbles and is the easiest to froth for beginners. Since there is no fat in the milk, the result is light and airy but the flavour is not as rich as other types of milk.

• Semi skimmed milk will also foam effortlessly as well as add a more creamy taste than non-fat milk.

• Whole milk is more challenging to achieve perfect froth as the fat in the milk weighs down the foam, however this produces the most decadent, rich tasting cappuccino. Practice incorporating the right amount of steam into the milk to produce an authentic micro foam cappuccino.

• Other types of milk such as soy will froth, but will lose the bubbles quickly as the protein structures of these types of milk cannot fully support the milk bubbles.

• Organic and lactose free milk do not froth as well as other types of milk. This has to do with the pasteurisation process of these milks. What are the best types of milk to steam? (Make lattes)

• Skimmed milk, semi skimmed milk, whole milk, organic milk and lactose free milk will provide excellent results for your latte.

• Soy milk, almond milk, rice milk and coconut milk can also be heated for a dairy free latte alternative. What is the optimal temperature for steaming and frothing milk?

• Milk proteins will start to break down and burn around 170°F.

• The ideal temperature for steaming milk on a home espresso machine is between 150°F – 155°F.

• Most cafés serve coffee beverages between 155°F – 165°F. • 160°F is the ideal temperature for a drink that will be taken to-go.

• Always pre-heat your latte and cappuccino cups to ensure the milk maintains proper temperature.

• Different types of milk have different burning points. Soy milk will burn before whole milk will. Practice frothing your favourite milk to find out the best temperature for your taste.

Milk is the white magic

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We don’t just deliver milk

Take a look at some of the other products we deliver. As well as milk we also sell, bread, eggs, cream, juice, groceries, compost and many more items all delivered to your home or office.