Castle Donington Milk Delivery

Moo Fresh milk deliveries are now available to homes and businesses in Castle Donington, Sutton Bonington, Normanton on Soar,Diesworth, Hathern, Shepshed, Loughborough, Belton as well as all our usual areas

Large Fresh Free Range Leicestershire Eggs

It’s not just milk you can get from your Moo Fresh milkman but lots of other quality products, like Sunrise free range Leicestershire eggs. Why not add these locally sourced eggs to your order today?

Could your milkman help solve ocean pollution crisis?

Campaigners say a return to the tradition of doorstep delivery of milk in glass bottles would benefit the environment.

With the UK’s recycling rate slowing down for the first time in five years, some think the time could be right for a return to the 70s – when it comes to our daily pint at least.

Back then almost 95% of the UK had its milk delivered to the doorstep in glass milk bottles. By 2012 that had dropped to less than 4%.

But the increase in use of plastic materials for packaging is ever increasing. It’s estimated the UK currently buys over 750 million plastic bottles every year.

Dustin Benton, policy director for the Green Alliance, says: “If you reuse glass bottles then the carbon footprint of that is about 60% less than if you use plastic. So there is an obvious carbon benefit and the other thing is that glass bottles, particularly when they’re reused don’t really cause a litter problem, and plastic litter getting into the oceans is one of the world’s big environmental problems.”


Making the perfect frothy coffee

How to Achieve the Perfect Frothy coffee.

What are the best types of milk to froth? (Make cappuccinos)

• Non-fat or skimmed milk provides the largest foam bubbles and is the easiest to froth for beginners. Since there is no fat in the milk, the result is light and airy but the flavour is not as rich as other types of milk.

• Semi skimmed milk will also foam effortlessly as well as add a more creamy taste than non-fat milk.

• Whole milk is more challenging to achieve perfect froth as the fat in the milk weighs down the foam, however this produces the most decadent, rich tasting cappuccino. Practice incorporating the right amount of steam into the milk to produce an authentic micro foam cappuccino.

• Other types of milk such as soy will froth, but will lose the bubbles quickly as the protein structures of these types of milk cannot fully support the milk bubbles.

• Organic and lactose free milk do not froth as well as other types of milk. This has to do with the pasteurisation process of these milks. What are the best types of milk to steam? (Make lattes)

• Skimmed milk, semi skimmed milk, whole milk, organic milk and lactose free milk will provide excellent results for your latte.

• Soy milk, almond milk, rice milk and coconut milk can also be heated for a dairy free latte alternative. What is the optimal temperature for steaming and frothing milk?

• Milk proteins will start to break down and burn around 170°F.

• The ideal temperature for steaming milk on a home espresso machine is between 150°F – 155°F.

• Most cafés serve coffee beverages between 155°F – 165°F. • 160°F is the ideal temperature for a drink that will be taken to-go.

• Always pre-heat your latte and cappuccino cups to ensure the milk maintains proper temperature.

• Different types of milk have different burning points. Soy milk will burn before whole milk will. Practice frothing your favourite milk to find out the best temperature for your taste.

Milk is the white magic

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We don’t just deliver milk

Take a look at some of the other products we deliver. As well as milk we also sell, bread, eggs, cream, juice, groceries, compost and many more items all delivered to your home or office.

Milk Delivery in Shepshed

Moo Fresh Swadlincote Delivery Areas

If you live or work in the Shepshed area you can now get a milk delivery from your local Moo Fresh milkman. Just register today and wake up to fresh milk.
More areas are being added daily so please call or email us to find out if we deliver fresh milk and much more to your area.

Try Before You Buy

If you are thinking of getting your milk delivered then why not try before you buy. Give us a call or email us and if you live in our delivery area we will leave you a pint of fresh milk in a returnable glass bottle for you to try. If you enjoy the great taste of milk in glass bottles just give us a call or register on the website to place a regular order.

Free Range Milk

Order your Free Range Pasture Promise Milk today. Better for the cows, better for the farmers and great tasting fresh milk.

New Depot

Moo Fresh Swadlincote opens in November 2016. Watch out for staff vacancies and great introductory deals. If you live in the Swadlincote, Ashby, Coalville and Measham areas you can now get a Moo Fresh milk delivery but once our new depot opens a whole host of new delivery areas will be introduced!