Your local doorstep milk delivery service

After more than 35 years in the milk delivery business we know a thing or two about great service.Moo Fresh are a local family run independent dairy, which was started by Phil Mitchell  to give people in Birmingham, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Aldridge, Coleshill, Shepshed and throughout the Midlands the opportunity to experience the great, traditional milk delivery service by your local milkman. We have always been a family-owned dairy and since starting the business we have made lots of changes to make the buying process much easier for our customers. We still deliver local farm fresh milk and groceries to homes and businesses across Birmingham, Tamworth, Coleshill, Sutton Coldfield, Shepshed, and most surrounding areas the same way we always have, straight to our customers’ front doors – but we also provide the online buying and payment services consumers expect.  Our milk delivery provides customers with the freshness and quality that is simply unmatched by the local shop and is impossible for a supermarket chain to provide.

Our interactive website

As a valued customer of Moo Fresh we provide you with ‘Your milk order online’ service, so you can:

  • View how your account stands
  • Make payments online
  • View statements and payment history
  • View our extensive range of products
  • Add products to your regular order or just to one weeks’ order

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Quality & convenience

Moo Fresh are proud purveyors of freshness and quality.  As your local milkmen we are here to serve you and we look forward to providing you with not only the freshest, most wholesome milk and quality groceries but all these benefits:

  • Online ordering & purchasing facilities
  • Fresh milk in reusable glass bottles
  • Unbeatable, reliable delivery service
  • Early delivery – before 8am 
  • Large range of high quality fresh products
  • Local depot staff  to deal with your calls-not foreign call centres
  • FREE delivery!
If you haven’t experienced a doorstep delivery from your local milkman or have been let down in the past then it’s time to call Moofresh, where your milk is always on the doorstep before 8am.

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