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  • Standard, free range, organic & speciality milks
  • Not just milk either-Juice, bread, free range eggs, cream & much, much more
  • No contract, no minimum order, no delivery charge
  • No more waiting in for the milkman to call for payment
  • Easy payment options including monthly direct debit
  • Milk delivered in Eco-friendly re-usable glass bottles or poly bottles if preferred
  • Local, reliable milk delivery staff
  • No more having to rush out for milk for breakfast or that morning cuppa
  • Early morning milk delivery – usually before 8am 
  • Large range of local,high quality fresh products from your local milkman
  • Fair price paid to local British dairy farmers

Glass is back

Over the last 30 years we have witnessed a rapid decline in people buying their milk from their local milkman, as supermarkets continued to pile on the pressure by selling milk in plastic bottles at cost price and sometimes below cost price, forcing many small dairies and dairy farmers to go out of business…forward to 2018 and for the first time in 3 decades milk delivery companies are starting to show real growth, as more and more people realise the danger that plastic causes to our society and opt for the more environmentally friendly option of purchasing their milk in reusable glass bottles.
It’s great to see that the British public are now supporting their milkmen and helping in the fight against single use plastic.
If you haven’t tried milk in glass bottles you may be surprised by the difference in taste, so why not try it and see for yourself.

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Your Account

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